We are able to calibrate a large range of dimensional equipment , as well as torque, pressure, temperature and mass – all with the issue of either a UKAS or fully traceable in-house certificate

Our comprehensive UKAS schedule of accreditation includes:

  • Angle plates, box angle plates
  • Dial gauges, lever
  • Dial gauges, plunger
  • Feeler gauges
  • Length gauges, flat & spherical ended
  • Levels, spirit
  • Micrometers, 3 point bore
  • Micrometers, depth
  • Micrometers, external
  • Micrometers, height setting
  • Micrometers, height setting riser blocks
  • Micrometers, internal
  • Parallels, engineers
  • Plain gap gauges, parallel
  • Plain plug gauges, parallel
  • Plain ring gauges, parallel
  • Profile gauges
  • Protractors, bevel
  • Screw plug gauges, parallel
  • Screw ring gauges, parallel
  • Sine bars, centres, tables
  • Squares, blade
  • Squares, cylindrical
  • Steel rules, engineers
  • Surface plates & tables – on site
  • Vee blocks
  • Vernier gauges, caliper
  • Vernier gauges, depth
  • Vernier gauges, height

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In addition to the the above UKAS calibrations our fully traceable in-house calibrations include:

  • Torque wrenches/drivers
  • Pressure gauges
  • Weigh scales
  • Weights
  • Thermometers/thermocouples

Another aspect of our service is On Site calibration, not just for non portable equipment but for a broad range of other instruments as well, from hand measuring tools (micrometers / verniers, torque wrenches etc.) through to:

  • co-ordinate measuring machines
  • surface tables
  • optical projectors
  • electronic height gauges
  • hardness testers

…….once again with the issue of either a UKAS or fully traceable in-house certificate.

Electrical test equipment calibration can also be arranged on your behalf through our network of associate laboratories.

We can also establish or manage your calibration system, from recalls to databases- Let us know your requirements and between us we can make it work